our house ands its (handmade) furniture

Oude kast_geschilderd
NeBa_wijnkistjesboekenkast NeBa_tafeltje NeBa_tafeltje_Motiefjes NeBa_hoedlamp NeBa_confituurpotlampen NeBa_confituurpotlampen_2 NeBa_bord Magneetjes_NeBa


1. My grandmothers old closet. Painted in another color + new windows.
2. Our bookshelf = stacked wine crates. Very handy 🙂
3 + 4. Our handmade little TV stand. Husband made the frame in steel + spray pained it black. NeMoo made the shelves from the leftover wood from her Bachelor project interior design. It was quiet a puzzle. I also painted some patterns on them.
5. Lamp made from a hat.
6 + 7. Lamps above the dining table. NeBa made them out of jam jars.
8. Chalk board in the kitchen, shaped like a house.
9. NeBa magnets with our own illustrations. made with transfer technique.


PS// NeBa (= Husband & Me)


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